Web Design

Get People To Fall in love with your site!

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the requirements an average web page has to fulfill nowadays to even get noticed?

Do you feel lost because of tech jargon that seems like Klingon to you?

I feel your pain (yep, as a Lifestyle Blogger, I’ve gone through the same issues as well) and I’m here for you!

I’ll help you create an outstanding online presence with unique content, no matter if you’re in need of a website from scratch or want to edit your existing one.


Do you recognize the following from your own behavior?

Whenever you visit a site, that doesn’t look appealing, you click away within SECONDS.

Whenever you visit a site, that DOES look appealing, but doesn’t offer anything of value, you click around a bit just to go back to Google within MINUTES.

This is where your web page needs to make a difference, if you want to persuade your visitors & readers to become happy & loyal customers.


➮ Design audit & consulting

You’re not sure why users abandon your site? Your bounce rate is too high?

I’ll help you to optimize the user experience on your existing website. Often small details make the biggest difference.

➮ Setup & customization of small to medium-sized websites and blogs

No matter if you want a new WordPress.org or Wix.com site (however, I will always recommend WordPress.org), I’ll help you set things up with focus on a great user experience and easy to understand (and digest) brand message.

I’ll help you to choose the best fitting wordpress theme and customize it as per your wishes and requirements. This includes changes through CSS and the implementation of suitable plugins.